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Yunis coffee and Food

Con el mejor sabor, despues del cielo, YUNI'S

Yuni’s Coffee & Food, we are a company that was born with the objective of serving the Nicaraguan public with high quality products. Fully satisfy the different tastes and requirements, so we have highly qualified staff and supervised by world-class chef. Barista very well qualified, for the best selection of coffees from all over the world in order to satisfy the taste and quality of our customers. With thousands of satisfied customers around the world. We have a great passion for our culture and we want to share them with our people, no matter where they come from, we only offer a delicious meal for everyone.
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This recipe must be done a day before planning to serve.
Making a fresh barbecue is easier than you think! Use only fresh tomatoes and basil since canned and dried don’t translate well. To amp up the
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Our dishes has become the most favorite cuisine for people around the world. We take pride in a variety of our authentic dishes and the highest quality of our food. Enjoy the exceptional flavor of what you’re eating.