Yuni’s Coffee and Food. Come experience the best exceptional gastronomic trip. Our authentic cuisine unites people connecting history and traditions in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our beloved Nicaragua. In collaboration with the entire team, we create from the kitchen, a modern and traditional dish with the BEST flavor. We provide daily bread, chicken, beef and many more.


We do the best we can to give you an excellent service with our delicious dishes. With great variety of fresh ingredients and with the best recipes and techniques. Do not wait any longer and come to start enjoying the best taste at Yuni’s.

Delicious & Thentic Cuisine

Our dishes with the freshest ingredients
¿Qué esperas? Ven a Yuni’s y disfruta de espectaculares platos
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Our Passion for Delicious Food

Queremos compartir nuestra pasión por la excelente comida y el gran servicio.

We cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients. We specialize in homemade classic Italian pastas, sauces, soups, desserts and much more in a warm friendly atmosphere.
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Latest News & Events

We are tailored to the specific current needs

Noviembre de Promoción

¿Qué esperas? Ven a Yuni’s y disfruta de espectaculares platos preparados para ti. Pregunta por nuestra promoción especial del Plato Ejecutivo solo por U$7.49. yuniscoffeeandfood.com
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Welcome. We look forward to serving you. All the equipment is available so that you have a very pleasant moment


Los Robles de los Semáforos
Monte los Olivos
Telf: 5058-768-5750